Revolv Support Coming To An End

Lots of news on the smart home hub front, but this news perhaps passed under the radar of most:

According to Smart Home Show listener Caleb, he got news via the Revolv support team that as of December this year, support for the Revolv hub will be ending. According to his exchange with the Revolv team via email, they've notified him that while the hub should continue working, the company (which got acquired by Google last year) will not be supporting the hub beyond December. 

While this isn't huge news, it's just indicative of how Google never really intended to show much love and support for the Revolv community, as indicated by the fact they've also shut down the Revolv community page.  

Also, this stands in stark contrast to the news coming out of SmartThings, which got acquired by Samsung for $200 million. This week SmartThings announced the SmartThings 2 hubs is finally available for preorder, as well as news of a SmartThings/Echo integration was leaked. 

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  • Raymond a.

    Revolv has decided that now after all of its customers have passed they’re 1yr warranty period, its going to completely shut down the app, support, and overall ability to use any products rendering them completely useless. How is that for loyalty to customers? Cash in and screw everyone who bought your products. I really hope you will follow up on your article of the Nest buyout with an update. Thanks, Ray A. 

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