Harmony Adds More Smart Home Devices, Still Hasn't Shipped Z-Wave/Zigbee Extender

While lots of folks are speculating about voice, motion and wearable control of the smart home, Logitech keeps plugging along with its Harmony remote lineup.

Logitech's move into the smart home with its Harmony line was announced almost a year ago, and in January the company announced an API for integration with the device, but since things have been fairly quiet on the smart home front (Mark Spates, who was helping to drive the platform, left for Google in July).

To be fair, the company has been periodically updating us on more integration. The company added Ube and Ivee in March and in May added the Nest Protect and Rheem, so it's not as if they've been completely dormant. But this last announcement was a big one, with four new products: the August smart lock, Ecobee, LIFX Wi-Fi lighting, and INSTEON.

All of these are interesting to me, but INSTEON is the most intriguing. With this update, users of the Harmony smart home control remotes can now access any INSTEON device through the device. That's pretty cool, if it works. My understanding is the HomeKit bridge for INSTEON is having problems, and while that may be a HomeKit issue, I'll be watching closely to see how this integration goes.

However, the bigger news to me is the fact that Logitech still hasn't shipped the Harmony home automation extender that bridges their remotes to Z-Wave and Zigbee devices.  The product, which has its own page at Logitech.com, is still listed as "coming soon". This device was announced at the time of the Harmony  smart home remote, and it still hasn't shipped a full year later, making me wonder if it will ship at all.

Of course, if Logitech/Harmony is serious about tackling the smart home, I think they have to ship this device. You can't realistically expect the product to be a true smart home remote without connecting to these two radios. 

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  • Erwin

    Finally it is available. No please bring it to Europe!

  • David Collins

    By not releasing the extender, I wonder if Logitech isn’t waiting for the Apple TV-compatible home automation devices to really start hitting the market. Maybe they don’t want to have to support a niche, single-standard device like the extender; especially, if zigbee/z-wave lose steam.

    Either way, this product’s dedicated page on the Logitech website is getting to be a mockery of the company’s image, to say nothing of their PR/marketing strategies. Admittedly, I may be a little disgruntled having purchased the home control hub with the promise of zigbee support down the road. However, it would be nice if Logitech would just own the situation, instead of Amazon telling me the device has shipped only to have them message me a day or two later with an apology saying they actually don’t know if or when they will get the device in stock….rinse wash and repeat. Just got another message that my device will ship on October 4th….not holding my breath.

  • Morris Miernicki

    The product, which has its own page at Logitech. This device was announced at the time of the Harmony smart home remote, and it still hasn’t shipped a full year later, making me wonder if it will ship at all.

  • Chun Liew

    I looked deeper into the Harmony >< Insteon Hub integration and what surprises me is that both Logitech as Insteon explicitly indicate that the only actual compatible Insteon Hub is model 2245-222.

    The following hubs are known not to work:

    Insteon Hub (HomeKit-enabled) 2243-222
    Insteon Hub with AllJoyn 2243-223
    Insteon Hub Pro 2243-222
    Insteon Hub 2242-222R
    Insteon Hub 2242-442
    Insteon Hub 2242-422

    Then on the insteon-hub comparison overview:

    The 2245-222 is the only version that supports an Insteon API.

    I am under the impression that all the other Insteon Hub models (besides 2245-222) require port forwarding for remote access whereas the 2245-222 uses their cloud/server infrastructure.

  • Andrew

    Confused: what is the news here? My understanding was that the logitech hub (with home firmware update) already connected to the insteon hub. Does this now mean it will connect directly to insteon devices via rf?

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