Centralite's CTO Explains Jilia, Their New IoT Cloud API Framework

Had an interesting exchange with Centralite's CTO John Calagaz, who I asked to differentiate their new IoT/smart home cloud vs. others. His description, seen below, was enlightening and shows how they see their new offering as analogous to Twilio, a provider of cloud-based telephony solutions that leverages an API-centric model for easy integration with a variety of products and services.

It also shows they don't see themselves as a platform that is competitive with a Zonoff or Arrayent, but instead a way for developers to connect into common smart home and IoT technologies without having to have significant expertise in those technologies. They are basically doing the heavy lifting and allowing developers to access smart home stacks through a single developer API.  

The Jilia development board, which the company started a Kickstarter campaign for, will allow access to many control APIs locally, but some they are only making available through their Jilia cloud. 

So for those who were looking for a clarification, a Jilia explainer:

Jilia is the next logical progression of our EMS solution. Instead of defining what the front end user interface was for each customer, we decided to open it up through an easy to use API framework. Jilia exposes all functionality of standards based devices through a simple API that developers of any skill level can easily consume.

This will open up our large device ecosystem to a variety of enterprise customers who may not traditionally be considered IoT companies. Its not necessarily a full platform like Zonoff or Arrayent but more of a component or framework for our Enterprise solutions to tie in IOT devices to their existing platform or backend of their own.

A good way to look at this is, "What Twilio did for Telecom with APIs, CentraLite wants to do for IOT".

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