CSR's Bluetooth Mesh Home Automation Moves Beyond Lighting

Bluetooth mesh is about to move beyond lighting. 

If you haven't noticed, the vast majority of Bluetooth mesh smart home products so far center around lighting. Avi-On, which makes a mesh lighting platform for GE home products group Jasco, it a good example.

That's no coincidence. The common factor between these products is the silicon: CSR's CSRmesh technology is the foundation the early Bluetooth mesh implementations in the market today (including Avi-On/Jasco's).  And now the company is moving beyond lighting by introducing sensors and actuators into the protocol. 

While technically this move has been expected for some time - the company announced CSRmesh Home Automation in February - only this week did they incorporate support for sensors and actuators necessary for low power systems like vents, locks, window sensors and other devices common in home automation systems. 

While many still think Bluetooth is less secure than other solutions, Bluetooth mesh is still a very attractive technology due to its low power draw and the pervasiveness of Bluetooth. As a result, many hold high hopes for it as a smart home technology, and this move by CSR likely will spur even more interest as system developers consider Bluetooth mesh alongside other mesh technologies like Z-Wave, Zigbee or Thread for new products. 

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  • GE Joe

    Don’t forget that these solutions include secure encrypted protocols to protect against heisting or invading the Bluetooth Mesh network. This is a pervasive game changer.

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