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Danalock Second Generation Smart Locks Coming This Fall, Zigbee Now Included

Mike Wolf Danalock Smart lock

I recently had a conversation with the CEO of Polycontrol, 

Henning Overgaard, and he had some interesting things to tell me.

One is this: new Danalock models are coming this fall which, according to Overgaard, are much improved over the previous generation. He told me they learned a lot from the first generation product locks, which were the first models on the market to include both Bluetooth/Z-Wave as well as work with European style mortise locks.  

While they were sufficiently differentiated in the market based on those two features, the Overgaard told me they realized quickly products for the the US market need significantly more optimization and fine-tuned calibration than in Scandinavia, their home market. As a result, the new models are much easier to fine-tune and calibrate out of the box according to Overgaard. 

Another thing they've changed? They added Zigbee to the mix. Yep, the company will ship a dual Bluetooth-Zigbee model targeted at the managed smart home market in the  US (i.e. cable providers) to go alongside its standalone Bluetooth and its Bluetooth/Z-wave smart locks.

Expect to first see these new models showing up in the US market this fall...

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  • Michael Wolf on

    @Jack – Zigbee and Z-Wave locks are used in a smart home system that uses a Z-Wave or Zigbee hub. These are systems that have largely been installed a part of a managed smart home (like Comcast, Vivint or ADT). These systems connect to the phone through the cloud rather than directly through Bluetooth.

    The first generation of connected smart locks used (and still use) Z-Wave and Zigbee.

  • Jack Ogawa on

    I don’t understand the use case that requires Zigbee and Z-Wave. I guess I have to connect to a gateway via WiFi (or the Internet) that then controls the locks? Any thoughts on this?

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