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'When shopping for my own smart home system, I found a disjointed mess'

Mike Wolf survey

I'm conducting a smart home industry survey of smart folks who know about the industry. When I do these types of surveys, often the most informative and enlightening responses come from open ended questions. This survey appears to be no different. The following comment was offered for an open ended question about the current state of smart home and I found the response about smart home retail pretty spot on. I'll present the response without further comment: 

"I am pretty literate as a non-IT professional regarding current technology. For Home Automation I listen intently to The SmartHome Show and HomeOn in addition to numerous blogs. When shopping for my smart home own system I found a disjointed mess. Poor in store marketing with sales personnel who knew very little. Going online wasn't a lot better in my opinion. Nest has a lot of positive traction, but the whole Works With Nest program is a bit confusing. HomeKit is a disaster to this point. Kickstarters aren't really helping and there are just too many competing systems to survive. Given the infancy of DIY Home Automation this isn't surprising. To my surprise I chose Lowe's Iris. It's right down the street from my house. It has a decent display, although the sales associates are clueless. The convenience and recent very competitive pricing led me to them. Since I started the pricing has gotten even better. It's a very hard sale to the wife to tell her you need 20 $50 sensors, 5 $200 cameras, hubs, sensors, keypads and more. Of course more consolidation is in order as there are just too many platforms for all to survive. Just ask Wink. You can't screw up at this time, there are too many competitors."

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