Apple Pulls Nest: What Should We Think?

Lots of people making a big deal today about Apple pulling the Nest thermostat from store shelves. In typical blogosphere fashion, the removal of the thermostat from store shelves and online is being positioned as "shots fired" and maybe more than it really is.

What we do know is that the Nest thermostat, Protect smoke alarm and the Dropcam are nowhere to be found online or in the stores. This has caused all sorts of speculation, but the first piece on this removal of these devices now has a quote from Nest saying that Apple will stock its "new products" will be making its way to Apple shelves. 

Now, I don't know if Aaron Tilley has an additional hint from Nest he is not quoting, but the quote from the Nest spokesperson could be applied to the thermostat as well as the new Protect and Nest Cam. 

All that said, I do think it's reasonable to speculate that because Nest is not likely to become HomeKit compliant anytime soon, which could mean this is a permanent move. That, of course,  would contradict the quote from the Nest spokesperson that Nest products will be returning to Apple stores, but the bottom line is Apple's smart home bet is on HomeKit, with all its higher complexity and stricter security requirements, so if Nest doesn't come aboard to the HomeKit train it wouldn't be a surprise if eventually they're no longer welcome in Apple stores.

Of course, whether or not the move is permanent, the new HomeKit compliant Ecobee3 is likely to be the thermostat of choice in Apple stores going forward. The product, which looks great, fits right in on Apple shelves.  However, while many are saying the Ecobee3 essentially replaced the Nest, the reality is the Ecobee 3 has been on sale at since November. 

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