Podcast: HAB You Been IFTTT'd?


It's vacation season at NextMarket, so posting might be a little like this week and next, but in the meantime here's the most recent podcast. 

This week's show is a two parter:

First we talk the week's news with Dan Roberts, cofounder of Scout Alarm. We also talk to Dan about being one of the early Alexa program partners (Amazon announced an investment in Scout last week through the Alexa fund).

In the second half we talk to Kai Kreuzer about open source smart home system openHAB and the news that they've just launched an openHAB channel on IFTTT.

You can find out more about Scout at www.scoutalarm.com/

You can find out more about openHAB at www.openhab.org/

The sponsor for today's show is Soundwall, a company that is making connected art that CEO Aaron Cohen describes as Sonos meets Instagram. You can find out more about Soundwall at www.soundwall.com

Listen to and subscribe to more Smart Home Shows at www.thesmarthomeshow.com

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