Hoover Europe Creates New Line of Wi-Fi Connected Appliances

Candy Hoover officially launched a line of connected home appliances this week in London under the brand Hoover Wizard. The lineup, which it announced in April and includes a dishwasher, fridge, oven and washing machine is expected to ship in August.

To avoid confusion for North American readers, it should be noted this Hoover is a subsidiary of Candy, a large multibrand appliance manufacturer.  Hoover Europe split from the US based Hoover (now owned by Techtronic Industries, or TTI), and so it looks like the new lineup of WiFi home appliances will only available in Europe.

This isn't the first lineup of connected appliances from Candy, The product line looks similar to a lineup to that of a product under the company's Candy subsidiary called simply-Fi. 

This news is interesting because it marks a fairly aggressive approach by a large appliance manufacturer to create an entire line of products across multiple brands.  Candy Hoover is one of Europe's biggest appliance makers, and while others like Bosch and Haier have been making noise about smart appliances, Candy Hoover looks like it may have the most comprehensive lineup so far of the European appliance manufacturers.

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