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Podcast: The Smart Home Shakeout

Mike Wolf Podcast

This week's podcast features Andrew Thomas, cofounder of Skybell, and Ben Stagg, CEO of Halo Smart Labs.

In the first segment, Andrew and Mike talk about Quirky's problems, the layoffs at Leeo, and discuss if there is a smart home shakeout coming. They also talk about the Nest press event and Andrew tells Mike he's being a little greedy for wanting more news.

In the second half of the show, Mike talks with Halo Smart Labs CEO Ben Stagg about their next generation smart smoke alarm/emergency detector and they talk about the Nest Protect 2 news coming out of the Nest press event.

The sponsor for today's show is Soundwall, a company that is making connected art that CEO Aaron Cohen describes as Sonos meets Instagram. You can find out more about Soundwall at

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