Apple and Google's Quiet Smart Home News Could Mean More Updates This Year

With both WWDC and the Nest press event in the rear view mirror, I'd have to say the news out of each event were on the tame side of the speculometer.    

For HomeKit, it's become pretty apparent that Apple's slow and very soft launch is essentially a form of non-delay delay.  There was no new Apple TV, and the actual HomeKit products in market today you can count on one hand.

Nest, on the other hand, had something new to talk about  to offer in their new security camera, and they also offered up a refreshed Nest thermostat and the Nest Protect, but I hardly think it was worth a standalone press event. 

So in the end, what we've gotten the last few weeks is lots of pre-event hype and some post event letdown, all of which makes me think we're probably in for more news before the end of the year. We've actually heard as much from Google, with Google hardware chief  Fadell saying on stage that they'll soon have more news on how Nest and Google will fit together. 

The one piece of Apple TV news we did get out of WWDC is that the TV box does play an important role in HomeKit.  However, the company didn't announce a new Apple TV at WWDC, nor did they announce TVKit,  the widely expected third party development platform that many, including me, were speculating about, all of which makes me think we will likely see something later this year. Our friend Richard Gunther thinks the same: 

Could both try to make it to CES before dropping more big news? It's possible, but not probable. So expect another news drop in the fall time frame, just after the kids have gone back to school. 

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