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Arrayent Appoints a New CEO

Mike Wolf Arrayent

Arrayent, a smart home and IoT platform company with clients such as Whirlpool, has announced a new CEO. 

The timing was a bit strange, at least for me, since I had just talked to Dyer last week on the Smart Home Show and there was no mention of him stepping down as CEO.  Not that they need to tell me anything, but it's weird that Dyer's been out talking to myself and Farstuff folks right before this dropped. 

I did reach out to Shane and their PR company and this is what they told me: 

"Shane has remained with the company and is still the sole spokesperson, the change was embargoed till yesterday." 

Ok, makes sense. He's still with the company and doing spokesperson-y stuff. But still, it's an interesting development, and not the only big personnel change in recent few months. In addition to Dyer stepping down as CEO, the company also saw the recent departure of Raghu Tarra, who was the company's VP of Engineering up until March of this year. Prior to Arrayent, Tarra was a longtime employee with Sling Media, the company behind the Slingbox, moving all the way up to the top slot in what essentially was Echostar's (owner of Sling) consumer hardware (non set-top) division. Tarra remains as an advisor to Arrayent.

One interesting tidbit from Tarra's Linkedin profile: "Instrumental in ramping up team from 15 to 60."

As for Cyril, he's been with Arrayent since 2012, having run first product and then become the GM for Europe. Before Arrayent he ran Vator, which was a social media platform for entrepreneurs. 

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