Smart Home Weekly: The HomeKit Soft Launch and Nest's New Camera

It seems like we're playing a game of smart home ping pong between Apple and Google, where one makes news, then the other, and so on. 

If that's the case, I think Apple's not exactly smashing the ball at this point with HomeKit. If you watched the WWDC keynote, you know that the HomeKit news all soft-serve, which shows that the company is doing a slow rollout and launch as they and early HomeKit participants get their ducks in a row. 

On the Nest/Google side, the Nest presser is scheduled for next week, and while I already speculated about what this might bring, already we have seen evidence that a new Nest/Dropcam wireless camera could be in the offing. I'd be extremely surprised if a new Dropcam camera isn't announced next week, and I also expect some other interesting things to drop as well. 

Lastly, the smart kitchen had a big week with the launch of the June Intelligent Oven, the product of two years of stealth work by a group of 22 engineers led by a couple seasoned startup execs, including one of Apple's key early mobile imaging creators and a cofounder of Lyft.

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Nest's New Camera Is Coming

I was just speculating last week about what Nest may have up its sleeve for its June 17th presser, and one of the first things I talked about was a new piece of camera hardware. 
And this week 9to5Google uncovered a FCC filing about the new device. Based on what we see, it looks like the new device will have the following radios: Read More.

HomeKit at WWDC: Definition of a Soft Launch

Having spent two and a half hours yesterday watching the keynote from Apple's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) waiting for mentions of HomeKit, I like many wondered if I could have spent my morning more productively. But in reality, I don't think I was expecting much different. Like I've written before, Apple is slowly feeling its way into the smart home market and HomeKit is an extremely ambitious effort, probably more ambitious than they originally anticipated. Read More.

June's Intelligent Oven Is Ambitious Effort To Recreate the Oven

When many of the first generation of smart kitchen appliances mainly consist of added network connectivity and some smart phone control and monitoring, the June goes further. I expect that if they can deliver on the early promise of the device when they finally ship, the June Intelligent oven could be a very interesting addition to the smart kitchen landscape. Read More

Smart Home News Quick Hits: Netatmo, Halo Smart Labs, Fitly Smart Plate

Netatmo began shipping it's new wireless camera product with facial recognition. The device has a $199 price point and soon consumers will be able to buy Tags, which are waterproof motion detection sensors that can be put anywhere someone wants to detect motion. The company is the second to include facial recognition technology; the Closeli Simplicam has facial recognition capabilities as well now, after upgrading from basic facial detection at launch. Read More.

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