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Nest's New Camera Is Coming

Mike Wolf Dropcam Google Nest

I was just speculating last week about what Nest may have up its sleeve for its June 17th presser, and one of the first things I talked about was a new piece of camera hardware.

And this week 9to5Google uncovered a FCC filing about the new device.

You can see a snapshot from the filing here:

Based on what we see, it looks like the new device will have the following radios: 

  • Bluetooth LE.  This is just like the previous generation of Dropcam, the Dropcam Pro. The real question is whether it will be BT mesh-enabled and what exactly they plan to do with the Bluetooth. As some know, Dropcam dropped its Bluetooth powered sensor products, Tabs, when they got acquired by Google, and I would love to see them revive the product and make Dropcam part of a more fully featured light home security product.
  • 802.15.4: Some of you will know that IEEE 802.15.4 is the foundation for Zigbee and Thread, and so it's not surprising that Nest, the company that developed the core Thread technology, would put it in their new camera to so it can connect with the Nest thermostat. Whether or not the radio will also be Zigbee compliant post agreement between Zigbee/Thread is yet to be seen.
  • Wi-Fi, obviously: The 9to5Google piece doesn't mention Wi-Fi, but looking at the FCC docs directly you see both 2.4 and 5GHz (802.11b/g/n) on board.  

I think what we'll see at the presser next week will be a new camera and maybe a broader vision around a light security offering using Dropcam, Nest and maybe new offerings like a doorbell. I also still think we'll likely see refreshes on the Nest Thermostat and maybe Nest Protect. 

Stay tuned!

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