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June's Intelligent Oven Is Ambitious Effort To Recreate the Oven

Mike Wolf

I had a piece over at Forbes today about the launch of June's new Intelligent Oven, an ambitious new reconceptualization of what exactly an oven should be.

As I said in the piece, the combination of innovative features that June has put in their new oven could essentially change the way those who use it cook:

Individually each of these features are neat, but taken together they could recreate the cooking experience. Of course, the June Intelligent Oven has yet to ship, and so whether the final product delivers on the early promise has yet to be seen. But this is always the case in the hard world of hardware startups, and we should have a hint of how things are shaping up by late fall when beta products will fall into the hands of early customers, and by spring 2016 we should know pretty definitely as to whether the June Intelligent Oven will live up to its promise.

You should check the piece out to read more about the details, but here are a few of the potential game-changers:

  • Six carbon fiber heating elements. Unlike traditional ovens which use metal tubes, the heating elements go from room temperature to target temperature in seconds. This, combined with the internal processing of the device and software that calculates appropriate cook times from the very beginning of a cook session means you can skip preheat altogether.
  • Internal probes. The oven has two core temp probes, which essentially gives those using the same kind of high-end cooking equipment as the chef in your favorite restaurant. The oven can monitor internal temperature and automatically adjust temperature and notify you via an alert when your steak has reached the optimal cook.
  • Internal camera. Believe it or not, no one's put a camera in an oven before, and what a difference this could make. Not only can you impress friends with Instagram time-lapse photos of your cooking, but more importantly the June recognizes many types of food and can factor optimal cook time and temperature based on what the camera sees and the oven's weight sensors. 

When many of the first generation of smart kitchen appliances mainly consist of added network connectivity and some smart phone control and monitoring, the June goes further. I expect that if they can deliver on the early promise of the device when they finally ship, the June Intelligent oven could be a very interesting addition to the smart kitchen landscape.

A video of the June Intelligent Oven can be seen here:

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