Smart Home Weekly: Nest's Next, HomeKit's 180 Million, Windows-AllJoyn

It's been a busy week at NextMarket as we launched our first event, the Smart Kitchen Summit. We did also manage to get our HomeKit Forecast report, which is part of our new Smart Home Insider service (email us for more info).

But that will not keep us from providing necessary context and analysis for the smart home news. This week was an interesting one too, with the first HomeKit products shipping, news of Nest's presser and a few smaller bits and pieces.

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Let's Speculate About What Nest Will Announce on June 17th, Shall We?

Nest is having a press conference on June 17th. This means that the smart home hardware company is finally going to do something after sitting dormant for most of the past year-plus since getting acquired by Google. What will they announce? A little speculation... Read More.

Could AllJoyn-Powered Windows 10 Machines Tip Balance In Smart Home?

Time Magazine makes a good point in that the addition of AllJoyn capabilities to Windows 10 could be a big deal. Microsoft has been pretty quiet on the IoT front, but an smart home-AllJoyn powered operating system from Microsoft could provide an interesting counterbalance to HomeKit and Weave. Read More.

HomeKit Forecast: 180 Million Devices Shipped Annually by 2020

While the smart home has long been a market for early adopters, the maturation of key technologies such as mobile, cloud computing and IoT has widened the appeal of the connected home in recent years. Momentum for the smart home is expected to increase further in the second half of 2015, as products compatible with HomeKit, Apple's new smart home framework, come to market. According to a new report from NextMarket Insights, HomeKit compatible shipments will grow significantly in the coming years, reaching 180 million devices shipped by 2020. Read More. 

The HomeKit Era Officially Started This Week

While we've all be waiting for WWDC next week to see a formal "launch" of the HomeKit era, in reality it started this week. That's because the first products with HomeKit were formally announced as being available, at least as far as Apple is officially concerned. Most look like they're shipping in July, with the exception of Lutron and HomeKit. Read More.

Google Brillo and Weave: An Explainer and Analysis

The good news: The rumors about Google creating a new IoT/smart home-centric OS are true. The better news: Project Brillo is more than just Brillo the OS, but also Weave, a 'communication layer' for IoT. The bad news: details are still sparse on both. But don't worry, we'll parse through what we have. First we'll try to explain each and then analyze the implications. Read More. 

Smart Home News Quick Hits: June 1-5 Edition: Canary, IKEA, Z-Wave

We've looked at the big stories from the past week, but let's quickly analyze other interesting smart home news from the past week... Read More. 

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