Smart Home News Quick Hits: June 1-5 Edition: Canary, IKEA, Z-Wave

We've looked at the big stories from the past week, but let's quickly analyze other interesting smart home news from the past week:

DIY Security Startup Canary Gets $30 Series B

Canary, one of the first DIY home security appliance makers, has announced a series B funding round of $30 million (their series A was for $10 million).  The company has successfully delivered its first generation device, and with that proof point in their pocket they went back to the funding well. My personal experience with the new DIY security appliance has been a good one so far - I've been trying out a Canary, and I can say from my first few days the hardware design is very well done, and so far the app performs pretty solidly. 

IKEA Creates Smart Home Lighting System

To call it just a smart home lighting system does seem to shortchange this product from IKEA. The features - if true - are intriguing and I like the idea of affordable as it could be an cheap option for the millions of young furniture shoppers who go to IKEA for cheap furniture. Who knows: maybe IKEA could be a major new on-boarder of millennials into smart home technology. 

Z-Wave Alliance Announces Winner of IoT Contest 

The folks from the Z-Wave Alliance first mentioned this contest at our SXSW smart home mixer, and so its good to see them announce the first winner, BeON, who makes an intelligent lighting system with some interesting security-centric nuances.

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