Introducing The Smart Kitchen Summit

I'm super excited to announce a new event called the Smart Kitchen Summit. As the official news release over at the event's website states, the Smart Kitchen Summit "is the first and only event of its kind to tackle the technology and design convergence that's changing how we eat, buy, store and interact with our food."

I had been thinking of creating an event about the future of the connected kitchen for some time, but we finally decided to get serious about it at the time of SXSW in March. I started asking around and talking with some leaders in the appliance, smart home, IoT and, of course, smart kitchen space. The interest was substantial.

So I started to put together a draft of what such an event would look like. I talked to potential speakers, asked a few companies if they would be interested in sponsoring it, and started exploring venues.  

Surprisingly, it started to come together.

This is the first event for NextMarket Insights. I'd helped with a lot of great events where I ran program tracks, moderated, curated, but I'd never created my own. Needless to say, the NextMarket team is very proud of this and excited for November 5th.

We have a great lineup of speakers so far, which you can see at the Smart Kitchen Summit site. The initial program has been developed - but we hold the right to change it if we get some great ideas from our amazing speakers - and you can also see it at

We also have some shiny new social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook. We'd ask that you follow them to keep up on the Smart Kitchen Summit event, and as a bonus we'll also be using them to share smart kitchen industry news as well. 

You can read the official news announcement of the Smart Kitchen Summit, put together and distributed by our great event marketing and logistics partner Caster Communications.

And of course, lastly but most importantly, you can buy tickets! Early bird tickets are available for $399 today, going up to $499 in August. Check them out at Eventbrite or at

Thanks for your support,

Mike Wolf

Chief Analyst, NextMarket Insights

Smart Kitchen Summit Creator, Curator and Evangelizer


  • Victor Jablokov


    Could you send me details of how we could participate and potentially show off our technology?


  • Jennifer S

    This space is so exciting right now. Great idea for an event. We’ll be there!

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