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Lowe's Appoints New GM For Iris Smart Home Group

Mike Wolf Iris Lowes

Got an email from Lowe's this morning to tell me they've appointed a new GM for Lowe's Iris. The new GM, Mick Koster, has been working on Lowe's smart home for some time (I remember he gave me the CES 2014 tour in the Lowe's Iris booth), working as the division's COO since 2010 according to his Linkedin.

But now, he'll have to update that Linkedin profile, as he's taking the reins as GM of Lowe's smart home group. He replaces Kevin Meagher, who is leaving for unspecified reasons. The only thing I know is Meagher's departure wasn't sudden, as he told me over a month ago he was transitioning away from Lowe's. 

The most interesting excerpt from this morning email was this:

"Mick will be leading the Iris team as it upgrades the current system with new products, services, technologies and a refreshed user experience."

As I've written before, it's been no secret that Lowe's was moving away from its AlertMe roots, and they've been planning a reboot on their hub, which will include Bluetooth LE among other new network interfaces. That said, this looks like they'll be going beyond a simple hub reboot, and I'm intrigued to see what new products and services emerge.

And of course, we wish Kevin Meagher well; he's told me he'll be staying within the smart home space, so we'll keep an eye out where he ends up.

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  • awraynor on

    For the moment I think I"ll keep my Iris system. It’s available two miles from my home and is affordable as a starter system. I purchased an OG Samsung Gear Watch and decided I didn’t need a SmartWatch. With Iris I hope to see if such a system is really what I need or simply a paid security system with my Echo and some Belkin plugs, Nest, etc. Hopefully Lowe’s new Manager reinvigorates the product line and opens it up to other products such as Nest, etc.

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