Chamberlain Releases First Fully Integrated Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain jumped on the smart home trend yearly, but up until this point Wi-Fi access was yet to be built into their garage door openers. The addition of smarthphone connectivity was reliant on external dongles that connected the router to the Internet.

Not anymore. Last week Chamberlain announced the availability of its Wi-Fi garage door opener. It's an interesting release time, because Chamberlain made much of the focus on this product (which it teased at CES) on HomeKit, and with the likelihood of HomeKit's official release coming in the next month or two, it appeared the company was done waiting for Apple. 

That said, the release says this device will support HomeKit later this year, meaning that devices shipping now have the MFI security silicon in it (required for HomeKit). 

Also coming later this year? The Notifi video doorbell. If you remember, Chamberlain also teased a video doorbell in January at CES, but at this point its yet to be released.  At the time of the news in January, Chamberlain only said the Notifi would be released later this year.

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  • Sean Cotton

    May be time to upgrade. I cannot get the wifi addons to work with my Chamberlain.

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