SmartThings Releases Apple Watch App

Just after the Apple Watch debuted, I wrote about the small handful of smart home products that had already released an app for Apple's new wearable.

It was a fairly modest list but one we knew would grow quickly, and this week SmartThings added its name to the list.

The SmartThings Apple Watch app was released with in conjunction the SmartThings iOS 1.7.3 update. The Apple Watch app installs by 

Watching the video (embedded below), it looks like a solid first attempt. Preconfigured "Hello Home" actions for the SmartThings app can be made visible by simply choosing the ones you want in the SmartThings App through the Manage Widget and Watch configuration screen. 


Stepping back, it's pretty interesting to see a first-party integration this quickly by SmartThings when, as of yet, there is't yet an Android Wear app yet for the smart home system. While Samsung's Galaxy Gear S does has a SmartThings app, given Samsung's background with Android I'm surprised an Android Wear app has yet to be offered up. On the other hand, the SmartThings team has remained fairly independent of Samsung and it's clear that the Apple Watch is going to drive fairly significant volume, so this makes definite sense. 

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