Amazon Echo IFTTT Channel Debuts

I've been thinking a lot about both Amazon's Echo and IFTTT lately, so I was excited to see both show up together this weekend in a blog post announcing the debut of the Amazon Echo channel on IFTTT.

As you'll see from much of the other coverage, an Echo channel on IFTTT enables Echo owners to access third party services through a variety of recipe mashups.  Browsing the recipes, it's clear that people have been busy mixing and matching as there are already a bunch of user-defined recipes, many of which allow the Echo to control Nest, SmartThings, Philips Hue and other smart home platforms. 

The beauty of IFTTT is the ability to define interactions between devices when there aren't any first-party or native integrations.  Whether it's using your Echo to send lists to an Android Wear smartwatch or connecting Evernote to a random third party smart home device, all of this is now within reach.

Of course, native applications built for the Echo are going to be interesting and, perhaps, a little more mass-market friendly, and as we learned in February those are on the way via the Echo SDK.  Making this story even more interesting is the hiring spree Amazon is currently on for the Echo. 

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