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Apple Watch: Here Come The Smart Home Apps

Mike Wolf Apple Watch Hue Lutron Smart Home Wearables

The idea of a smartwatch apps for the smart home has always made perfect sense to me, so much so I created a CES panel on the topic for CES 2014.

While there wasn't much to talk about a year and a half ago, since then numerous integrations for the likes of Pebble and Android Wear have made their way into their respective app stores. But that was just the beginning; with the launch of the Apple Watch, we can expect the trickle of smart watch apps for the smart home to become a flood. 

Already there are quite a few out across some of the major device categories:

Thermostats: Both the Honeywell Lyric and the Ecobee have already launched their apps. The Ecobee app allows glanceable data for temperature, status of HVAC system, and also to control heating and cooling from the app.  The Lyric comes with presets for home or away for single tap changes and away notifications asking if you'd like to adjust your thermostat.

Lights: Lutron Caséta and Philips Hue both just got Apple Watch apps.  Features seem pretty similar for both, with some level of control for the lights. Both enable some geolocation driven alerts, notifying users of lights going on or off due to the watch (and its paired iPhone) coming or going. 

Security:'s app had an early debut on stage by Tim Cook at last month's Apple Watch event, and now that it's out we have a few more details (see a cool demo here). What's appealing about an integration of a smart home and security system like's is that a single push/swipe on the Watch app can set into motion a series of actions depending on what the user has for a preprogrammed mode such as home or away. It also allows for granular control of specific devices such as locks, lighting, and the garage door.

There aren't an abundance of smart home apps for the Apple Watch just yet, but I expect them to come fast and furious. When they do, you can expect fairly simple functionality at the outset, at least for those that were already in the development pipeline. The reason for this is Apple has been fairly stingy with developer hardware, meaning most apps that were developed for the watch were done so without the device itself

And of course, it's not like Apple is the first to create wearable apps for the smart home.  You can find a number of apps for Android Wear or Pebble already to control things like HVAC,  lighting, cameras, and more.  

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  • Mike O. on

    What about the savant systems apple watch app?

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