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Seed Labs Launches Bluetooth Smart Home Platform for Manufacturers

Mike Wolf Bluetooth Bluetooth Mesh Seed Labs

In another sure sign the Bluetooth smart home is gaining traction, another manufacturer/dev-targeted platform centered on Bluetooth mesh has launched. Last week at Bluetooth World Seed Labs announced the Silvair platform, which is a combination of embeddable modules, software and a control device called the Silvair Control. With this launch, Seed joins others like Avi-On, who has also built a Bluetooth-centric smart home platform for OEMs.

You can see the Silvair Control in action in the video below, but I am assuming (it's not immediately clear on the company's site and I've yet to talk to them) the Silvair Control is white-labelable, meaning a manufacturer can build around Silvair's platform and offer up a Control under their own brand.


I think its interesting that a separate device and modules are apparently needed - the beauty of Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Mesh devices in theory are the vision of any device eventually becoming part of the network and not requiring it to have a proprietary controller to work. 

I'll check in with Seed to see how open future Bluetooth devices are to working with those powered by their solutions. 

On a related note, a Smart Home Show listener Nico Jurrant, who is an editor at German publication, sent me this email with some interesting thoughts on Seed's new platform:

I got a few prototypes and pre-production samples of Bluetooth Smart Devices for the Smart Home from Seed. You can see what I got in the video here:

One interesting stuff I noticed is that the devices are shown in the Seed Control App immediately and that I could see that the connection was lost after approx. 30 seconds. So I found out that every Seed device that isn't battery powered is sending out Advertising Packet several times per second, quiet similar to a Bluetooth Smart Beacon.

So I talked to the Seed engineers and they told me that the Beacon function could be implented with a firmware update in each of these devices. It is even considered for the Silvair Control switch! So you would have a net of beacons in your home with the possibilty that actions are triggered when you wander around your house with your smartphone - for example turn off all lights when you leave the living room!

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