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Smart Home Weekly: Zigbee's Millions, Sesame Smart Lock, Meld's Cooking Knob, Smart Neighborhoods

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This is the Smart Home Weekly for the week of April 13th.  

It's been a busy week or two in smart home, and that's if we're just talking about Amazon. Not only did they launch their home services efforts, but they put out a Dash Button and then showed us their hand on the Amazon Echo's smart home capabilities. 

Looking beyond the online commerce giant, other big stories include the Zigbee/Thread deal, a new smart knob called Meld and smart lock maker Sesame hitting a cool million. NextMarket also had the exclusive on a forthcoming smart neighborhood security system that will be announced this June the the national Neighborhood Watch program.

We have all those stories below, so check them out. Also, if you're interested in the smart kitchen, you'll want to read our update on the Smart Kitchen Summit. We've already got some great speakers signed up and sponsors on board, and would love for you to participate if you are interested in the intersection between the kitchen, cooking and IoT/smart home.

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Now, on the the news:

Zigbee: GreenPeak's Millions 

Last week I had a chance to talk to Cees Links, the CEO of Greenpeak. He had some interesting things to say about the collaboration between Zigbee and Thread, but one thing that really caught my attention was his assessment of his current Zigbee business.

According to Cees, the company is currently shipping 1 million Zigbee chips per week. While those aren't Bluetooth chipset volumes, a cool one million chips per week is still pretty impressive. Read More

Smart Kitchen: Smart Knob Meld Combines Retrofit Smart Home & Smart Kitchen Trends

A new smart cookware knob called Meld launched on Kickstarter last week, already surpassing its relatively modest funding target of $50 thousand. 

The new smart knob is an interesting approach to a smart kitchen in that it is a retrofit approach, which runs counter to some of the smart cooking appliance efforts from high end players like Dacor. Read More

Smart Locks: Sesame's $ Millions 

The smart lock category apparently still has some legs. The Sesame smart lock, which launched on Kickstarter on February 25th, has surpassed the $1 million funding threshold on Kickstarter. The lock, created by Candyhouse, has also just passed six thousand backers. Read More

Smart Neighborhoods: National Neighborhood Watch Creating Smart Neighborhood Security System

I wrote a piece for Forbes on the need to start thinking about home security in a different way, and by how utilizing a combination of IoT technology and neighborhood watch we could probably have much safer neighborhoods, faster response times and less false alarms going to local police.

As it turns out, the National Neighborhood Watch, an organization that is owned and run by the National Sheriff's Organization, is thinking along the same lines. Read More

Smart Home Control: Amazon Echo Now Officially A Smart Home Voice Control Interface

I've suspected all along that this was the direction for the Echo, and now they've made it official: Today Amazon emailed Echo customers and let them know that they can now can control smart home devices with the connected speaker.The first wave of integration is with the Belkin WeMo and Philips Hue lights, with more to come. Read More

Services: Could Amazon's Home Services Help Usher Smart Home Into The Mainstream?

Over the past couple years, interest in smart home gadgets, particularly those of the DIY (do-it-yourself) installation variety, has risen dramatically. But with each purchase comes the need to install this stuff. The first few million consumers that have been willing to tackle installation themselves have done fairly well because, after all, early adopters are often more technical than the mainstream consumer and mostly have no problem with turning screws or connecting electrical wiring. Read More

That's it for this week. As always, check out the Smart Home Show for deep dive conversations and analysis on smart home and subscribe to the newsletter if you haven't already. 

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