Smart Knob Meld Combines Retrofit Smart Home & Smart Kitchen Trends

A new smart cookware knob called Meld launched on Kickstarter last week, already surpassing its relatively modest funding target of $50 thousand.  

The new smart knob is an interesting approach to a smart kitchen in that it is a retrofit approach, which runs counter to some of the smart cooking appliance efforts from high end players like Dacor.

The knob combines with a temperature sensing clip and an app to instantly adjust the range cooking temperature based on the actual temperature of the food. More specifically, the associated app, with hundreds of preprogrammed recipes, works with the clip to sense actual cooking temperature in realtime, and the knob makes constant adjustments during the cooking process to assure the heat on the cookware is optimized. 

The CEO of Meld, Jon Jenkins, has a strong tech pedigree, having run engineering for Pinterest and leading the development of Amazon's Silk browser. The CTO, Darren Vengroff, is also an Amazon expat and has been involved in cooking tech startups for over a decade.

The success of the Meld on Kickstarter is illustrative of both growing interest in the smart kitchen as well as a growing sense that retrofit smart home products might be a good way to onboard more consumers rather than forcing forklift upgrades for expensive new connected appliances.


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