Greenpeak: We're Shipping 1 Million Zigbee Chips Per Week

Last week I had a chance to talk to Cees Links, the CEO of Greenpeak, for the Smart Home Show.  He had some interesting things to say about the collaboration between Zigbee and Thread, but one thing that really caught my attention was his assessment of his current Zigbee business.

According to Cees, the company is currently shipping 1 million Zigbee chips per week. While those aren't Bluetooth chipset volumes, a cool one million chips per week is still pretty impressive.

When I asked Cees where these chips were ending up, he indicated that - not surprisingly - about 80% or so are heading into cable set tops as a replacement for IR remotes.  And while those chips may not be going directly into smart home applications, he did say these new chips being deployed theoretically can be used - if the cable provider deploying them decided to go this route - as part of a smart home network.

He said the vast majority of the rest of the chips - about 20% - are being used in smart home applications, with a strong emphasis on service-provider managed smart home/security services.

What makes all of this more interesting is the forthcoming Zigbee-Thread interoperability. With Thread now having access to the Zigbee application cluster library and all those Zigbee chips out there using IPV6 to connect to devices like Nest thermostats, some interesting possibilities begin to come to mind. 

You can hear my conversation with Cees by clicking play below or downloading the podcast.


  • Mike Crabtree

    All the Zigbee haters probably are surprised. And GreenPeak isn’t even the biggest Zigbee chip maker…

  • Jason Franks

    Impressive – 1 million chips per week. I think Zigbee is probably going to be impacted by momentum on Bluetooth LE (and bluetooth mesh), but it’s certainly not going away!

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