Verizon Wades Back Into Smart Home Waters With Hiring of Belkin's Wemo Chief Ohad Zeira

Verizon's been rumored for some time to be getting back into the consumer IoT and smart home game. If there was any doubt after the news of the Greenwave powered IoT router, there shouldn't be after today.

That's because Verizon has hired the head of Belkin's WeMo product, Ohad Zeira, to head up their smart home and home automation efforts.  With the move, Zeira will relocate from California to the corporate headquarters of Verizon in Basking Ridge and drive their increased efforts in this space.

It will be interesting for me to see Verizon give more attention to the smart home space. Their first effort, built on the 4Home platform acquired by Motorola, was dropped last year and since then the rumors have been swirling around a regrouped effort, with the only tangible evidence being the FiOS/Greenwave router.

Now we have another clue in Zeira. Let the managed smart home wars begin.


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