Z-Wave Alliance Announces Program For Smart Home Startups

Those who attended the SXSW Rocks the Smart Home Mixer hosted by your's truly would have heard about this first hand, but this week the Z-Wave Alliance announced a new program targeted at smart home and IoT startups that starts in May 2015. The program will involve membership in the Z-Wave Alliance and also free Z-Wave development kits for those who enter.

This move makes sense. By giving startups access to software and hardware development tools for Z-Wave, there's a possibility many who are enamored of other technologies like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth could also consider adding Z-Wave to their products.  

More startups would probably be wise to at least consider Z-Wave, adding which would automatically put their products in the running to be considered for integration into many of the large service provider managed smart home networks, many of which use Z-Wave as the primary wireless network protocol. 


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