New Apple TV Reportedly A 'Fixed' Smart Home Hub Out Of The Box

I've probably been talking about the Apple TV as a smart home hub as long as anyone, and while some reports have shown existing Apple TVs in the field getting HomeKit software upgrades, there's nothing like a new Apple TV with HomeKit compatibility out of the box that shows how serious Apple is about creating a 'fixed' smart home hub with the device. 

While many had hoped for new a new Apple TV hardware announcement at the last Apple event, I think a WWDC reveal combined with an official unveiling of HomeKit to the market makes a lot of sense. 

Of course, in many ways HomeKit is already here if we look close enough. While many of us have been waiting for a formal announcement from Apple around the official release of HomeKit, the technology itself is starting to slowly make its way to market via apps and hardware that will work with the framework once Apple "turns on" the technology in what I suspect will be via an iOS update.

The most obvious example of HomeKit already seeping its way into the market is via the app, which Tim Cook made sure to highlight onstage a couple weeks ago during the Apple Watch event.

But soon we'll be seeing lots more. Many hardware makers have already begun to give me indications of hard ship dates on many of these products, and many of them center around the June time frame. Some have even talked about April and May, but it's like the actual features will be unlocked around WWDC.  But by releasing hardware that is HomeKit enabled, it means that these products will have gone through the MFi program (made for iPhone) which requires specific technical nuances such as dedicated security silicon and will be ready to go in June when Apple waves the start flag for HomeKit. 



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