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GE Launching Series of Bluetooth Smart Home Products

Mike Wolf Bluetooth Bluetooth mesh GE Z-Wave

If you needed any further evidence that Bluetooth is picking up steam in the smart home, look no further than GE.  

The company, which has for years been shipping a number of popular Z-Wave based wall switches and lighting control/appliance modules under a partnership with Jasco, is now bringing Bluetooth versions to market.

The technology was developed by Avi-On, a Bluetooth smart home networking startup, and while the company had previously released news that they were working on developing these products for GE, this is the first time that this much detail - such as device internal photos and user guides - have shown up in the wild.

Evidence can be found over at the FCC, where the company has a number of different products lined up, including:

Interestingly, the devices are made using CSR's silicon, which is a good indication that GE will be utilizing Bluetooth Mesh in some way in the future for its smart home efforts. 

Evidence of the CSR chipset can be seen here in one of the photos of the circuit board for the plug-in switch:


As many of my regular readers know, I've been writing about the rise of Bluetooth as a smart home technology for some time.  With the arrival of mesh networking coming to the Bluetooth standard and the prevalence of the technology in nearly every smartphone, it looks like GE is looking to ride the wave. 

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  • Aravind on

    @Bill They are not mesh, are they?

  • Bill Dorm on

    the Light Sentry by Sonne Industries has been developing its line of products using BLE all along, recognizing the range and quality of the communication. The differentiator: nature as a trigger, setting the new standard for smart lighting automation.

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