Kevo, Kwikset's Smart Lock, Pushes Android App Out of Beta

Kevo, the smart lock from Kwikset based on the Unikey platform, has pushed its Android app out of beta. It was a big deal when Android finally got its Bluetooth Smart act together enough for Unikey and its team to create an Android app (The Kevo had been iOS only for most of its existence), but the downside to Android’s fragmented nature across a multitude of smartphone models is that only certain models have Android 5.0/Lollipop (the latest Android rev), meaning only those phones can use the Kevo app for Android.
I have a less-than-year-old HTC One M8, a pretty cutting edge Android model when it was released, and I’m still stuck on Android 4.4, meaning I still can’t use the app.  According to the Unikey blog, the devices currently compatible with the Kevo Android app include mainly Samsung’s latest product models, including the Galaxy S5.


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