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The Smart Kitchen Is Heating Up As Smart Home Segment

Mike Wolf smart kitchen

Here at NextMarket, we were the first (and probably only) analyst firm following the smart kitchen (we published our smart kitchen report in November), so if you’ve been with us all long you’d by now you know we were onto something (especially if you watched the Today show this morning, which mentioned our study). There lots going on in the space, and here are a few companies I’ve seen over the past week or two:
-Pure Imagination LLC, a maker of connected scales and drink mixers, has received a patent for its smart scale device. The company has a "patented system (that) connects a smart scale to a smart device – wirelessly or wired – allowing for communication between the scale and the device to ensure the perfect combination of ingredients every time.”  The IP looks to center around the connection of a scale to a device such as an iPad and for calculation of ingredient scaling to maintain recipe ratios.
-The Neo smart jar, which I highlighted last week, is a connected dry food container with volumetric sensors.
-The AppKettle connected kettle. The patented system is app connected, allowing for remote shut off, scheduling of heating, monitoring of volume measurement, and more.  The device is coming to Kickstarter on March 31st. 
The Takeaway
There’s lots more going on in this space, including big white goods makers like LG and Bosch continuing to invest in connected appliances. We forecast the market to be a $10 billion market by 2020 across all the various categories, and it looks like big companies as well as entrepreneurs are beginning to take notice.
I expect that HomeKit could give another boost to this budding segment of the smart home.  The iPad is one of the drivers of the connected kitchen over the past few years, and with integration of a smart home framework it will be interesting to see where this space goes once Apple’s smart home framework takes hold.
Video Bonus: The Today Show Segment on Smart Kitchen

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