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Icontrol Readying Competitor

Mike Wolf Icontrol Security

Icontrol, the white label smart home platform company behind offerings like Comcast Xfinity Home and ADT’s Pulse smart home, is readying a new offering for independent security dealers -'s sweet spot - called Icontrol One.
Julie Jacobson has a piece which goes into some nice historical detail about Icontrol and the evolution of the company’s service, as well as the rise of some alternatives to Icontrol such as Telguard Home Control. She also details one key motivation for Icontrol, which is the sunset of 2G wireless and the ensuing replacement of security panels.  
The Takeaway
I will be talking to Icontrol to get more details about Icontrol One in coming weeks and should have more thoughts soon. Until then, I’d say it makes sense that Icontrol is looking to expand its market reach outside of their core market which has historically been large service providers and established security service providers like ADT. There is lots of flux right now in the connected home platform space and I think we’ll see some churn as consumer-facing security providers continuously evaluate their back-end enabling platforms, and Icontrol will be both on the winning and losing side of that process depending on which ways the RFPs land.  Icontrol One is one way to win business in a a new segment of the market.

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