Bosch Quietly Adds To Its Smart Home and IoT Portfolio With Prosyst

If there ever was a quiet giant in the broader IoT and smart home, it’s Bosch.  The company first started rolling up IoT software startups in 2008 and just last year announced a joint venture with Cisco and ABB around a smart home open source initiative. 
And now the company adds to its portfolio with the acquisition of Prosyst. The move gives Bosch the leading provider of OSGI solutions, a connected devices services framework that was a part of the first connected home wave back in 1999-2000.  OSGI, which is based on Java, has since become an important application and services software stack in fixed residential as well as mobile space, and now Bosch can add 100 or so OSGI engineers to the group which is responsible for the Bosch IoT suite.
The Takeaway
While we don’t hear as much about European-centric initiatives in the states, Bosch and others have quietly been putting significant effort into creating open source software for IoT and smart home for some time. Bosch has been a major contributor to the Eclipse open source IoT efforts, and Eclipse has subsumed the OpenHAB open source smart home initiative as the Eclipse Smart Home Project. When you connect all the dots, including Bosch’s partnership with Cisco/ABB, you might be see the makings of a formidable player in the smart home/IoT software space.


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