Staples To Make Announcement About "Future of Staples Connect", Assures Continued Support

Yesterday we wrote about the possibility of Staples pulling the plug on Connect. Today they issued a statement indicating news is coming soon on the future of the platform.

The statement, made on the Connect community forum site, said that Staples "will be making an announcement in the coming weeks about what the future of Staples Connect looks like, we can tell you we will continue to support you, our Staples Connect customers."

What does that tell us? That yes, Staples Connect is all but assured to be going away, but Staples (and by extension Zonoff) will continue to support existing customers of Staples Connect.

Good on them for supporting their customers and not bricking the device. The issue long term for Connect customers will be whether they should abandon a hub in maintenance mode, or whether they should invest in a hub and platform with an active development path and growing device interoperability list.

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  • Jari Becker

    Connections are very important part of home automation to connect our all appliances together. Hope to see interesting products.

  • Bill Sheppard

    In my experience the Staples Connect hub and ecosystem is still the most reliable and responsive automation platform on the market. It would be terrific if Staples would open source the platform to allow the community to extend it with IFTTT support and new device integrations.

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