Three to One? Comparing The Early Shipments of Amazon Echo and Nest Thermostat

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know by now that the Amazon Echo is white hot. Just how hot has been somewhat of a mystery, but now thanks to research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, we now have something of an idea: about 3 million units hot to be exact (well, maybe not exact*). 

Assuming this number is roughly in the ballpark, consider this: This is about three times the amount of learning thermostats that Nest sold by the time the company had sold itself to Google.

Not bad for a new category, is it?

Now I've written why I think the Echo has less of a ceiling issue than the Nest thermostats with the Nest 'boring white box replacement' strategy, so I expect growth to continue, particularly as Amazon expands the Echo portfolio with the Dot and Tap.  Much like Sonos saw fast growth on a unit perspective as early user grew the number of zones they had, I expect now that Amazon could see similar growth among existing users as they expand the number of units in the home. 

This type of comparison is interesting at a surface level to see the relative growth, but also because it exemplifies so well how Amazon has displaced Nest as the sexy integration partner. Sure, Nest has its share of troubles, but independent of Nest, the Echo has just exceeded everyone's expectations, including Amazon's. 

*It should be noted that Amazon hasn't said anything about Echo shipments, while a research firm surveying a panel of consumers has. So while I have no doubt that Amazon has probably shipped millions of Echos at this point, we should take any definitive number based on a panel of consumers rather than actual shipments with a grain of salt.


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