Amazon's Dash Replenishment Adds Brita, Now At 15 Device Partners

Yesterday, Amazon and Brita announced the Infinity water pitcher, a Dash-powered Wi-Fi enabled pitcher that reorders a filter after 40 gallons of usage.

Amazon continues to add interesting partners and device use-cases to its DRS portfolio. As of today - the beginning of March - Amazon has assembled 15 announced Dash partners, and this is the first device exclusively in the water filter space. Others like GE or Whirlpool, could conceivably add filter change notifications to its Dash implementations.

Stepping back and looking at where Dash Replenishment stands today, the Dash partners break into these rough categories:

  • 2 Printer/cartridge replenishment (Brother, Samsung)
  • 2 health-centric (Gmate, Thync)
  • 4 pet care (Oster, Obe, CleverPet, Petnet)
  • 2 white goods (Whirlpool, GE)
  • 2 soap/sanitizer dispensers (Gojo/Purell, Sealed Air)
  • 1 smart lock (August Home)
  • 1 water filter (Brita)
  • 1 pool monitor (Sutro)

So far it's a pretty good mix of products, though a little pet food heavy (Amazon must really want to automate feeding Fido). Looking at the breakdown, it makes me wonder what other categories could Amazon add. Here are a few suggestions:

Coffee, Please

When Dash was announced, one of the initial partners was a new connected houseware brand from Quirky called Poppy. Given Quirky's troubles, it's no surprise that Poppy is no longer listed as a DRS partner.  That said, I'm surprised a big coffee maker brand like Jarden (Mr. Coffee), Nespresso has yet to do a DRS integration. I expect that may change next week and we could hear something at the Housewares show.


Four Dash devices for the dog, but none for the baby? Amazon apparently loves their pets.  Of course, in use-cases where consumption isn't driven by a machine you may just continue to see Amazon push the Button rather than DRS, but there are likely some instances where DRS makes sense like formula dispensers.


I don't know about you, but my garage is where I store a whole bunch of stuff for my home, including things that consume gas, air filters, batteries and more. While most tools today aren't connected (that will likely change), but my gas furnace and freezer could benefit from a DRS connection. 

Cleaning Systems

While my old trusty Kenmore may be eyeing the new BoBSweep robot vacuum I picked up for the holidays nervously, it should probably take a long look in the mirror and ask itself why it can't let me know when I need to put in a new vacuum bag.  And while it's at it, it might as well add DRS capabilities since vacuum bags are one of those things that I never remember to order on time. 

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