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The Smart Home Show Transcripts

Smart Home Show #6 Transcript: INSTEON's Joe Dada

Mike Wolf

Guest: Joe Dada, Founder & CEO of INSTEON, SmartLabs & Host: Michael Wolf Mike:  Hey, I want to welcome Joe Dada, the CEO of Insteon. How are you doing, Joe? Joe:  Great, Michael, thanks. Nice to meet you and thanks for having me. Mike:  You are also the Founder and CEO of SmartLabs, which I think is the parent company for Insteon, as well as, which is a retail storefront for all sorts of Smarthome products. Joe:  That’s absolutely right. SmartLabs is the corporate entity; Smarthome is the consumer facing and dealer facing retailer and distributor and then...

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Smart Home Show #7: Canary's Adam Sager

Mike Wolf Adam Sager Canary security Smart Home

Mike: Hey, Adam, how you doing? Adam: Doing great, nice to talk to you. Mike: Tell us about Canary. Adam: Canary is the first smart home security device for everyone. It is the easiest way to do security from the site of a home. It’s a single device that’s beautifully designed that contains HU video and audio, temperature, humidity, air quality sensors, 90 vision, motion detection and more and it streams the data to you, directly to your cell phone, where you can view any time what’s happening in your home. If something happens out of the ordinary, then we...

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