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A profile of the e-reading consumer

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In late 2012, we wrapped up a study of the e-reading consumer. Based on a survey of over 1200 e-reading households, we looked at reading habits (both physical and paper books), what devices they used, how many devices they owned (and how long they had them) and much more.  

A few observations from the study:

  • Many homes today are no longer just single e-reader households. In fact, only half of e-reading homes today had just a single e-reader and 17% of e-reading households had three or more e-readers.
  • E-reading is no longer a new behavior. Many of those who use e-reading devices have had them for a few years. Our research shows that 29% of those use an e-reader have had their e-reading device for two years or longer.
  • Multi-e-reader households are more likely than single e-reader households to have someone who uses a tablet as their primary e-reader.  While dedicated e-readers are by no means going the way of the dodo bird, many early e-readers have moved from dedicated e-readers to a tablet (and many have passed their dedicated e-reading device onto a family member or friend). 

Another interesting trend we observed is there is a significant number of consumers using smartphones as either a primary or secondary e-reader.  Over one third of e-reading consumers use a smartphone as an e-reading device, with approximately 7% of those surveyed indicating they use it as their primary e-reader. 

The report can be found here and the press release here

Below are some slides highlighting some of the report's findings.

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