Why we podcast at NextMarket

I will write more about this later, but I wanted to write a quick post about why we even have a podcast at NextMarket Insights. Quite simply, to provide more transparency and value.

The analyst job is pretty straightforward. You talk to company leaders, you write and analyze. A big part of the job is the talking to company leaders part since, after all, an analyst has to stay on top of where the market is going. 

The only problem? Usually the only product the research customer gets out of these conversations is the report.

What a waste. I am attempting to practice a model here at NextMarket where more of the research process is open and transparent to my clients.  There's no reason all of the conversations I benefit from shouldn't be available for public consumption. 

Call it an "open lab" research model. Call it whatever you want. That's why we have the NextMarket podcast. 


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