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The Online Video Consumer: Men are From YouTube, Everyone Is From Netflix

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Edmonds, WA - May 10, 2013 - While it's well known women and men often differ in the types of TV entertainment they prefer to watch, are there any differences in how the two genders use online video content?

Yes, but not where you might think. According to a just-finished survey by NextMarket Insights of 1800 online video TV consumers, while both genders tend to watch online video in about equal measures (35% of both genders watch online video five of more times per week) and are both equally dedicated to cutting the cord (11% of male and 12% of female online video consumers), there are some measurable differences in which video streaming apps each prefers. 

Figure 1: Streaming video app preferences by gender (%) 

Above is a breakdown of online video app preferences of both genders. While Hulu Plus usage is identical and others like Netflix and HBO GO are within a few percentage points of each other, there are noticeable difference in usage of YouTube and Crackle.

According to our survey, over half (53%) of men who stream online video to their TVs watch YouTube, compared with 42% of females. And while not nearly as popular overall, Crackle - a Sony-owned online video service - is nearly twice as popular among men than woman (18% to 10%). Men also tend to be slightly bigger users of Amazon Instant video, 35% to 30%.

However, while gender differences are useful in predicting video streaming app preferences, other factors have more predictive power.

"While there are some differences in streaming app preferences among the two genders, age and income differences are much more pronounced," said Michael Wolf, Chief Analyst with NextMarket Insights. "App preferences are also strongly influenced by by the streaming device type, be it tablet, net-top or smart TV, in large part due to associated featuring by the platform owner."

These results are from a new report published by NextMarket insights entitled, The Online Video Consumer 2013. The new report is based on a survey of over 1800 e-reading households in the US conducted in April 2013.

NextMarket Insights is a research firm focused on emerging consumer technologies. NextMarket Insights was founded by Michael Wolf, a long-time consumer analyst who helped create GigaOM's successful research service and also launched research practices at In-Stat and ABI Research. For more information visit or call 317-455-5529.

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