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Smart Irrigation Market to Reach $634 Million by 2021

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Edmonds, WA - While much of the focus of today's smart home is on increased convenience and safety, the promise of resource conservation and cost savings are equally important long-term benefits of the connected home. Nowhere is this dual-benefit of conservation and cost savings achieved more directly than in a new class of smart irrigation controllers, a market NextMarket Insights forecasts to reach $634 million in end-user revenues by 2021.

"While approximately one in five US households have some form of pressurized irrigation to water their lawns and gardens, the overwhelming majority of these systems today have no ability to determine real-time weather conditions," says Michael Wolf, Chief Analyst for NextMarket Insights. "The end result is an enormous amount of wasted water."

Over the past few years, companies such as Rachio, Rainbird and Blossom have started to introduce a new class of smart irrigation controllers that leverage cloud computing, data analytics and environmental sensors to better manage overall water usage. These new controllers can not only factor in the current weather conditions, but also can determine exact water evaporation rates, monitor usage over time and enable remote management through the integration of connectivity. 

"While the smart home's early poster child for better resource management was the Nest Learning Thermostat," said Wolf, "NextMarket Insights believes many homes, particularly those in regions impacted by drought, could derive even more significant cost savings through the use of smart irrigation controllers."  

The report, Smart Water: A Market Analysis of the Consumer Smart Irrigation Market, is available today at NextMarket Insights. A free download of the report's executive summary can be found here

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