ACR Technology To Drive Social TV As It Reaches 2.5 Billion Devices by 2017

Edmonds, WA - The TV industry, embattled by time-shifting technology, over-the-top streaming and other consumer-empowering technologies, is hoping a new technology can help re-engage TV viewers lost over the past decade. That technology, called Automatic Content Recognition (or ACR), will help over 2.5 billion devices deliver more highly synchronized experiences built around live and on-demand viewing content by 2017 according to a new report by NextMarket Insights.

"TV broadcasters and advertisers have struggled to engage today's viewer, who controls the when, what and where of their TV viewing experience," says Michael Wolf, Chief Analyst for NextMarket Insights. "However, the industry is adjusting to the new reality, and one way in which they are doing so is by creating new TV viewing experiences with ACR."

ACR technology is most well known to consumers through smartphone apps like Shazam which can recognize songs with acoustic fingerprinting. However, the technology can be used to also recognize video broadcast and on-demand content through audio and video recognition enabled by either fingerprinting and watermarking techniques.

"There is a significant body of intellectual property in this space due to efforts to create audio and video recognition services over the past couple decades," says Amy Cravens, NextMarket Industry Analyst. "But only recently has the ACR market really crystalized in a significant way as the TV industry has began to look for new ways to deliver new TV viewing services to the consumer."

ACR enabled viewing experiences can include live polling, viewer alerts, social interaction and highly synchronized additional content and advertising. TV broadcasters such as NBC and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) are using ACR as a way to engage viewers, while app developers and device makers are putting ACR technology into their products. 

The new 35 page report, entitled "Automatic Content Recognition Market Analysis & Forecast" is available today from NextMarket Insights.  The report features numerous forecasts as well as profiles of all the key players in both the audio and video ACR market.  The full table of contents can be downloaded here.