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We've moved our main blog to Tumblr, for reasons which I've detailed here.  Now, the main site is still at, and you can access the blog by simply hitting blog from the top navigation above, but if you want to bookmark out blog, use this URL: Well what are you waiting for? 

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Trying to make sense of LG, the WebOS acquisition and Smart TV Alliance

Mike Wolf Future of TV HTML5 LG smart tv Web OS

As many of you now know, LG has acquired the much-travelled WebOS from HP and intends to use it across a variety of products, the first of which is smart TV. The first smart TVs with WebOS are expected to be released in 2014. Up until now, LG has used its own smart TV stack and app framework, which used to be called NetCast. NetCast, as I understand it, is based on a Linux distro and a Webkit HTML5 browser, etc.  NetCast is separate from the LG line of Google TVs, which came later. With the news they've decided to acquire...

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Quick Take: 3 Reasons Why Twitter Acquired Blue Fin Labs

Mike Wolf

According to Business Insider, Twitter has acquired Blue Fin Labs, a social TV analytics company.  Given how much noise Twitter has been making around social TV, no one should be surprised.  That said, since Twitter owns the watercooler and hasn't exactly been shy about competing with third party offerings built upon the Twitter data ecosystem, it's worth asking why exactly the company bought Blue Fin.  Here are three potential reasons: 1. BlueFin gives Twitter a turnkey SaaS analytics service platform While Twitter has the core data, building a proven and successful SaaS analytics services business around this data is another...

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Vizio: DIAL and Miracast coming to all connected TVs by end of year

Mike Wolf Future of TV living room TV

I recently had a chat with Matt McRae from Vizio, and he indicated that the company will have both DIAL and Miracast integrated into all new models of connected TVs by the end of the year.   This supports my earlier debunking of the belief DIAL is a replacement for Airplay/Miracast, showing how the technologies, while both important, are really for different use cases.   According to McRae, they've been working with Netflix on DIAL support for over six months.  Follow @nextmarketco

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Ok, folks, here's why DIAL isn't an Airplay (or Miracast) replacement

Mike Wolf DIAL Future of TV

Much of the coverage about the new DIAL multiscreen protocol effort has focused on how the technology is a potential replacement for Airplay (which, by extension, would also mean it's a replacement for Miracast).  Well, here's the thing: DIAL and Airplay/Miracast are really meant to do different things and, in the end, devices like connected TVs will support both DIAL as well as content-throwing protocols like Miracast. In case you're stil not convinced, let's look at what each is meant to do. As Janko explains, DIAL is more about using your second-screen device to launch apps on your first screen....

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