#62: Soundcloud's Jim Colgan talks about Soundcloud's spoken word & podcasting initiatives

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This conversation is with Jim Colgan, who heads up Soundcloud's audio content team, which means his team is responsible for spoken word and podcasting partnerships at Soundcloud.

I'm a fan of the Soundcloud platform, so I was really interested to hear about what the company is doing around spoken word and podcasting. I've watched as the company has expanded from its early focus on social music to really starting to push heavily into all forms of audio, including the podcast space. We talk about about these efforts, how Soundcloud is bringing new voices into podcasting, as well as where Jim sees social audio going in the future.

You can find Jim on Soundcloud (@jimcolgan) and also on Twitter (www.twitter.com/jim_colgan).

The study Jim references in the podcast that was mentioned by Alex Blumberg can be found here (PDF): www.richardwiseman.com/resources/Megalab.pdf

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