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Chris Walker Of Secret Labs talks smartwatches, Netduino and still keeps a few secrets

Mike Wolf Chris Walker Netduino podcast Secret Labs smartwatch

In this podcast I talk to Chris Walker, CEO of Secret Labs. Chris stays true to his company's name and keeps a few secrets, but I get him to open up about the company's smartwatch, the Agent Smartwatch, as well as what the idea is behind Netduino, the open source hardware from Secret Labs.

You can check out Secret Labs at

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  • JerseyTechGuy on

    If you are a backer of the AGENT smartwatch, or you just care about accountability in crowd-funded projects, I call on you to support this fundedjustice effort in whatever amount you can so that this and future crowd-funded projects know with certainty that they must be accountable to their backers or suffer meaningful consequences.—The-Smartwatch-that-Never-Was

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