Slate's podcast chief Andy Bowers on the secrets to Slate's podcasting success

One of the best stops on the web to get your fill of smart and non-conformist takes on issues of the day is Slate. No doubt about it, Slate's stable of opinionated writers aren't afraid to tell you what they think, but if you think those opinions come strictly via the written word, you'd be very very wrong. That's because Slate has one of the best lineups of podcasts of any media organization, and the man behind their podcast strategy is one Andy Bowers.

In this podcast I talk to Andy about the origins of Slate's podcast efforts, why he thinks they've been successful, how important the podcast business is to the overall Slate media mix, and we also talk a little about the future of podcasts.

This is one of the conversations I have made available for the Podcast Project. If you'd like to learn more about this project, go to to the Podcast Project page for more details.

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