JASH's Mickey Meyer on creating a YouTube comedy channel

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Summary: I've been tracking the progress of YouTube's channel initiative since almost the beginning, and when Google and their video channel's original content effort entered its second "season" last fall, one of the highest profile new channels was the comedy channel, JASH. JASH, which features content from Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Reggie Watts and more, is a product of long-time producer's Daniel Kellison's new company, HaChaCha, was announced at this springs South by Southwest.

In this podcast I talk to one of JASH's managing partners, Mickey Meyer, about the origins of JASH, how the YouTube channel effort differs from other more traditional and web-channel productions, the plans for JASH going forward and more. For those of you who are interested in YouTube's channel efforts, this is one you want to listen to.


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