5by5's Dan Benjamin on being the 'NPR for geeks', what makes a good host & monetizing podcasts

Some have called Dan Benjamin's 5by5 "NPR for geeks". Given the fast-growing podcast network's mix of shows that go deep and long into tech and geek culture - and do it very well - it's a pretty apt description. In this conversation, Dan and I talk about a number of topics, including: the state of the podcast market, 5by5's early days, how Dan manages being so involved with all aspects of 5by5, how he determines what type of role he should take as podcast host for each show, and we wrap up by Dan sharing some insights into the advertising and monetization of podcasts. 
This conversation is one of the many I am making available over the next week or two from the Podcast Project. If you'd like to learn more about this project, go here for more details.


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